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A chronicle of all of our past seasons, the robots we created as well as how we did in each of those seasons.

Our Results

Our team has experienced competitive success throughout our history. To view our past results, scroll down or click below!

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2023 Season | Charged Up: Fawkes

This season required us to pick up cones and cubes and put them onto poles and boxes to score points. After that we had to balance on a balance beam, with the other robots on our alliance. This was our first year in the Peachtree District. We went to the Anderson and Hartsville district events and we were first pick of the Second Alliance and Captain of the Fourth Alliance respectivly. We also reached the District Championship and ended up being the Second Pick of the Second Alliance.

2022 Season | Rapid React: GLaDOS

We were required to pick up very large tennis balls called cargo, and launch them into a hub where they were counted for points. We also had to climb a series of increasingly higher rungs. We went to Electric City and Smoky Mountain Regionals in season, and SCRIW off-season. We were finalists at Electric City and SCRIW.

2021 Season | Game Changer: Qi'ra

This season was the Covid Season where everything was online.

2020 Season | Infinite Recharge: Sandcrawler

We were required to pick up small yellow nerf balls this year for the competition. We went to the Palmetto Regional, Ranking 7th and having our Mentor Mrs. Cheesman become a Woodie Flowers Finalist. However, COVID-19 then struck, shutting down the competition for the rest of the season.

2019 Season | Deep Space: Atlas

This season had us precisly move clear plastic discs and large orange balls. This year, we had only gone to the Rocket City Regional.

2018 Season | Power Up!: Miss Vicki

This season we had to move milk crates to tip a scale, and to score points. We went to the Rocket City Regional, Ranked 6th, played on the 5th Alliance, and won the Motorola Quality Award. After that, we went to the South Florida Regional, and captained the 3rd ranked alliance.

2017 Season | Steamworks: Carrie Fisher

This season had us get green whiffle balls and gears to "power up" an airship. During this season we went to the Palmetto Regional, where we won the imagery award, and the Knoxville Regional, where we captained the seventh alliance.

2016 Season | Stronghold: The Chief

This season required us to pick up gray nerf balls and avoid obstacles. We went to the Palmetto Regional and the Knoxville Regional during this season.

2015 Season | Recycle Rush: BAE

This season had us picking up crates, recycling bins, and pool noodles. We had gone to the Palmetto Regional and the Raleigh Regional, which is where we won the General Motors Industrial Desgin Award as well as the Saftey Award.

2014 Season | Aerial Assist: Yoga-bot

This season, we had to lift yoga balls and bring them across the field. This year, we went to the Palmetto Regional, as well as the South Florida Regional, where we were on the second alliance.

2013 Season | Ultimate Ascent: Fris-bot

This season required us to shoot frisbees along with climb up a pyramid. During this season we went to the Palmetto Regional.