900 Warrior Way, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29466 FROM THE ASHES FRC Team 4533
East Cooper Center for Advanced Studies
Mount Pleasant, SC

Who are we?

Phoenix is an FRC team operating out of the East Cooper Center for Advanced Studies in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Each member of our team grows and applies skills that are directly relevant to future work in STEM fields. Since our 2013 debut, team 4533's robots have competed at a high level, earning many awards and honors.

Our History

Team 4533 was founded as Wando Advanced Robotics during the 2012-13 school year and first competed in the 2013 FRC game, Ultimate Ascent. In 2014, our team reached the playoff rounds for the first time at the South Florida Regional, ultimately making it to the semifinals. In 2015, our team continued to improve, becoming an alliance captain for the first time and earning the General Motors Industrial Design Award at the North Carolina Regional. During the 2017 season, our team won the Imagery Award at the Palmetto Regional and placed highly at the Smoky Mountains Regional. In the 2018 game, Power Up, our team captained alliances at both the Rocket City Regional and the South Florida Regional and recieved the Quality Award at Rocket City. In 2020, the team became an alliance captain at the Palmetto Regional. In 2021, despite the cancellation of in-person FRC events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team continued to improve by experimenting with new designs and participating in at-home challenges. Following our move to the East Cooper CAS ahead of the 2022-23 school year, our team rebranded as Phoenix. We are beyond excited to continue to grow our team's legacy in the coming years!


Each member of our team works as a part of one of six subteams. This simplifies the process of creating a complex robot, allowing us to explore more advanced techniques and projects during a short build season. While each of our members is assigned to work primarily with one subteam, many will learn skills in two or more areas throughout their time with our team. You can read about each of our subteams below.


The Build team is responsible for the creation of individual parts and the assembly of our robot. Students learn and apply skills in construction, engineering, and mechanics.


The electrical subteam is responsible for wiring and maintaining electrical systems throughout our robot. Members learn and apply skills in engineering and physics.


The Coding team is responsible for programming all of our robot's functions. Members use several programming languages, including Java and Python, to create software that allows our robots to operate at an advanced level.


The design team creates 3D models of every part on our robot using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This allows for the fabrication team to prototype and construct systems on our robot quickly and efficiently.


The imagery team is responsible for creating and developing our team's brand. Members design our team's merchandise, decorate our pit, and more.


The scouting team collects information and data on other robots at competition and designs software to analyze and compare potential alliance partners.